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Nov 21, 2012 7:00am EST
on a crime committee election? >> right across the country we're going to have local foreign order champions who will stand up and make sure we get a good deal from the police. i have noticed there are two criticisms of the police and crime commissioners. on the one hand they said this been too much money and on the other hand they said we did on spending of promoting it. i can have one criticism or the other but not both? >> the british government borrowed money at record low levels saying taxpayers billions of pounds. >> my friend makes a good point. because we have an incredible plan to get on top of debt and deficit, to show how we will pay our way in the world we have record low interest rates. low interest rates described by the shatter chancellor as a key test of economic credibility. >> ed miller band? >> can i start by joining the prime minister in paying tribute to walter berry of first battalion richmond of scotland. he should yet most courage and bravery and all our thoughts and condolences are for his family and friends. can also express my deep or about loss of life i
Nov 28, 2012 7:00am EST
last two years. since the last election, 190,000 fewer people on out of work benefits. just in the last quarter, employment up by 100,000, unemployment down by 49,000. while we're at it, let's just remember, labour's poisonous legacy. youth unemployment up 40%. women unemployment up 24%. 5 million on out of work benefits. that's the legacy we're dealing with and we're getting the country back to work. [shouting] >> ed miliband. >> i wish for once, mr. speaker, you would just answer the question. i asked him a very civil question about whether long-term unemployment had gone up by 96% since the work program was introduced and and its issues. while he's talking about labour's program, let's talk about the future jobs fun. last friday the government entered a very interesting document, mr. speaker. he spent two years rubbishing the future jobs fun. what does this document say? it said the scheme provided net benefit to participants, their employers and society as a whole. in other words, it was a success. it held 120,000 young people into work. his work program has only helped 3000 pe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2